About Us

Welcome to Golden Field Services, Inc. Our Team of highly skilled personnel brings the experience and resources necessary to meet all the needs represented in the pipeline, power, and telecommunication industries nationwide. Golden Field Services, Inc. understands the role of technology, gas distribution, and our oil and gas supplies as they apply to the pipeline and telecommunication industries as well as the cities and rural communities across our nation.

As Owner of Golden Field Services, Inc. Mr. Jeffries has over 40 years experience in surveying, mapping, outside pipeline, right-of-way, and construction management throughout the United States. Mr. Jeffries founded Jeffries & Associates, Inc. in 1976 headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma with nationwide operations to the pipeline, gas transmissions, and telecommunications fields. Mr. Jeffries sold Jeffries & Associates in 1984 and continued employment as President until leaving in 1994. Mr. Jeffries founded Golden Field Services, Inc. in 1996 endeavoring to organize and furnish to the pipeline, power, and telecommunications industries coordinated survey, mapping, inspection, rights-of-way, and construction management services. Mr. Jeffries has worked with and identified the most qualified resources in terms of capabilities, experience, safety, quality standards, specifications and permit compliance.

What makes Golden Field Services, Inc. unique is the fact that all activities are managed with the Clients perspective in mind. We have a clear understanding of our clients priorities and requirements.

Understanding these priorities and requirements allows us to access the importance of costs and compliance to develop and maintain positive relationships with our Clients first as well as the public, permitting jurisdictions, municipalities and local utility companies.