Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Golden Field Services, Inc. supports all phases of a pipeline project utilizing the most current version of GIS software. Our GIS team currently utilizes ESRI’s ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced version release 10.4.1. We can produce Geodatabases with attribute schemas based on a client supplied Feature Code Library or a Feature Code Library developed by Golden Field Services, Inc. according to client specifications. We also produce high quality mapping products incorporating aerial imagery and base map features such as roads, hydrography, environmental, cultural and topographic features.

Golden Field Services, Inc. GIS team supports Right Of Way activities by producing parcel based base maps linked to parcel ownership information databases. Also supports land agent activities by producing ROW acquisition status maps. Our GIS team also processes all GPS and conventional field surveying data for producing Route Alignment Mapping and certifiable Parcel Ownership Plats by the Surveying and Mapping division.

Golden Field Services, Inc. GIS supports Pipeline As-Built activities by processing all field captured As-Built data into Geodatabases with attribute data. All data is crosschecked with Pipe Tally information and Material Testing Records for QA/QC purposes. Final GIS As-Built data is used to produce Final Alignment Sheets and deliverables.